The kilometric allowances monitoring application for self-employed workers

Are you self employed and use your personal vehicle for professional trips?

With Geowallet, you will not forget to write down your trips, or write down inaccurate mileage or lose money anymore!

Collect all your KA without thinking about it thanks to our mobile application.

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One month trial without any commitment or credit card. A monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time.


Experts on building digital trust, Geowallet guarantees the protection of your privacy. Your trips are protected and never shared. Not even between us.


Say goodbye to the paperwork, your mileage summaries are 100 digitized. Your accountant will be thankful!

GeoWallet, an application to manage everything!

Transform your business trips
into kilometric allowance

Kilometric allowances or real expenses? You can choose. Geowallet allows you to get a report of what you owe easily.


  • Professionals
  • Personal
  • Automatically, without any interaction needed from your part

Management of your working schedules

  • Your trips are recorded automatically according to the schedules that you indicated
  • Modify the details of a professional or personal trip in one click
  • Indicate your periods of vacation in 3 clicks


  • Get access to your trip history in real time
  • Analyze your kilometric allowances
  • Transmit all the information to your accountant automatically.

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