An affordable price,
immediate benefits

1 vehicle

Solo—free version

  • IOS / Android mobile application
  • Automatic capture of trips
  • Daily mileage reports
  • Configurable working hours / vacations
  • Chat + email support
  • Weekly / monthly mileage reports
  • Accounting exports
  • Safety and eco-driving score
  • Dashboard

5€ excl tax/month/driver
Self-employed workers / VSE / SME

Professional offer

  • IOS / Android mobile application
  • Automatic capture of trips
  • Daily mileage reports
  • Configurable working hours / vacations
  • Chat + email support
  • Weekly / monthly mileage reports
  • Accounting exports
  • Safety and eco-driving score
  • Dashboard

Advanced features to optimize business traveling, if needed.

No installation

to implement


Pay per
use Invoicing

Available everywhere,
at any time


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How does it works ?

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Data protection

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How to install Geowallet?

  • Solo offer – free version: Download the GeoWallet mobile application on Google Play or Apple Store, fill in your email address, click on the link received by email, fill in your first name and password, download and save your secret phrase and then correctly configure your smartphone using the settings displayed on the mobile application
  • “Self-employed workers & Companies” offer: Click on “Start” on the corresponding offer. Create your account on the web application and connect the drivers to your web account.


Installation tutorials are available in the help center, and we will assist you on demand to set up the solution.

You can switch from the “Solo – free version” offer to the “Self-employed workers & Business” offer. To do so, here is the tutorial that will guide you step by step to switch from one offer to the other:

Geowallet only works on mobile phones; it works on any device with Android version 8.0 and above for Android phones, and with iPhone version 6 and above for Apple phones. The older versions are not compatible, because the security updates are not guaranteed by the manufacturers and the performance of the vehicle trip detector is insufficient.

The monthly plan, which is due at the beginning of each month, depends solely on the number of active drivers the previous month. Each driver can be individually activated or deactivated, and you are only charged for the real activity time.

Yes at any time, online. The cancellation will be effective immediately. You can decide to delete your data in case of a permanent cancellation or to keep your data and only suspend your subscription temporarily, at no cost.

How does it work?

There are three detection modes offered by the mobile application:

Basic: All your trips are automatically recorded in any vehicle (car, train, bus…). You manually manage the trips recorded as “Professional” but made in a vehicle that may not be yours. 

Vehicle’s bluetooth: The application detects the vehicle’s bluetooth connection automatically and starts recording the trip as soon as the vehicle is in motion.

Bluetooth Beacon: A bluetooth beacon, the size of a small matchbox is placed in the glove compartment of the vehicle. The application detects the presence of the beacon automatically and starts recording the trip as soon as the vehicle is in motion. This detection mode is the most efficient one because it prevents you from forgetting (you do not have to trigger it manually or verify that the vehicle’s bluetooth is on before beginning the trip). You can order the beacons from your customer’s account. You will receive them by mail within two working days.

No, once the application has been configured, the mobile application can be closed on your employee’s phones, it will still save and protect the information automatically.

No, Geowallet is an optimized application so it does not have any impact on your battery level.

No, Geowallet starts recording a trip only when it is activated manually or when the application detects that the vehicle (s), associated with the registered drivers, is (are) in motion (vehicle bluetooth or bluetooth beacon). .

You define the working schedules by categories of employees or individually, and the application will separate the professional from the personal trips according to these criteria. If necessary, the driver can manually indicate if a trip is personal or professional in the mobile application. He can also indicate his periods of vacations, during which all his trips will be considered as personal.

Is your data protected?

The data of the trips of each user is encrypted and anonymized immediately upon its creation by the mobile application. No one, not even Blocs et Compagnie, can identify the users or decrypt their data. This data circulates and is saved only in a format that can not be accessed by anybody but the user. Its analysis is done through digital enclaves, a safe analysis process, in which the user gives a temporary authorization to access his data.

The analysis applied to the user’s data is explicitly described in the contract that he received from his employer on the Geowallet mobile application and which he either accepted or declined. The analysis carried out is about the employees’ professional and personal mileage. Only the results of the analysis are transmitted to the company and the employee.

A copy of all the recent trips is stored in an encrypted format on the user’s phone. This data is accessible only after identification.

A copy of the user’s complete history is stored online, fully encrypted and anonymized, in a French host.

  • Analysis contract established by the company
  • History of all his personal and professional trips
  • Vacation periods indicated
  • Daily, weekly, monthly details of his professional trips transmitted to the employer
  • Monthly summary of his personal and professional mileage transmitted to the employer
  • Kilometers not logged- Monthly summary
  • Analysis contract established with the employees
  • Vacation periods indicated
  • Daily, weekly, monthly detail of the professional trips
  • Monthly summary of the personal and professional mileage
  • Kilometers not logged.


Yes, upon request, at any time from the application, for all the data that is not necessary for the monthly analysis in progress (maximum one month). The analysis results defined in the contract between the employee and the company belong to the company and to the user and can be deleted only for him, in case the user requests its deletion. But the data remains accessible by the company.

Blocs et Compagnie does not have access to the trip data or to the analysis results. It only has access to the number of vehicles monitored by a given company.

Blocs et Compagnie has had the solution evaluated by independent third parties and is in the process of obtaining the first-level security certification (CSPN) according to the standard defined by the ANSSI.

Customer service & support

Technical support is available for Geowallet customers by email or chat. Telephone support is also available if we were not able to solve your problem. If you have a sales question, about the product or about the pricing, you can ask directly for an appointment with our team in order to be contacted.